Residents raise a number of concerns over Keithhall road safety 50% off a six-month digital e-edition subscription with promo code '50OFF' Locals living in and around the hamlet of Keithhall near Inverurie have taken a petition to Aberdeenshire Council which will be heard by members of the Garioch Area Committee next week. Keithhall residents have complained that the speed signs are far to close to the entrance to the school site. In it they list a string of issues which they say need to be considered as vital and urgent improvements to the B933 road. Starting at the Inverurie High Street/St Mary's Place junction, there are concerns over the timing provided on the traffic lights, the lack of any white lines on the road surface for many years and the continual issued caused at the turning into the business units by traffic trying to enter from the town side. They also point out the perennial issue of flooding at the railway bridge has not been resolved despite works being carried out as this occurs on an almost annual basis. The railway bridge underpass is subject to repeated flooding. Considerable concerns are also raised over the older Urie Bridge which provides the only crossing point over the river. The route is popular with walkers but is unsafe as there is no footway, the visibility for drivers is obscured by trees on the Keithhall side and unlike many single lane bridges there is no priority in place for traffic heading uphill on the route. It is also pointed out after the recent snow that there is no safety barrier at the bottom of the 1 in 10 steep hill and vehicles have been known to come off the road at the junction to Kinkell Church. A particular concern is the short zoning of the 40mph which many feel is far to close to the entrance for the school and should be moved beyond the first of the houses approaching from the Inverurie side. Councillors will be asked to consider the issues raised and to initiate a report by the Head of Roads and Landscaping before any decisions are made. Do you want to respond to this article? If so, click here to submit your thoughts and they may be published in print. Get a digital copy of the Grampian Group delivered straight to your inbox every week allowing you to swipe through an exact replica of the day's newspaper - it looks just like it does in print! Sign up today and get 50% off a six-month subscription with promo code '50OFF'.


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These requirements aren’t easily satisfied on Mars, and scientists began to theorize how the mineral could have become so abundant. Some thought it may have been left behind by the evaporation of small amounts of salty, acidic water. But the alkaline basalt rocks in Mars’s crust would have neutralized the acidic moisture, says Giovanni Baccolo, a geologist at the University of Milan-Bicocca and lead author on the new study. Another idea was that the jarosite was born within massive ice deposits that might have blanketed the planet billions of years ago. As ice sheets grew over time, dust would have accumulated within the ice—and may have been transformed into jarosite within slushy pockets between ice crystals. But the process had never been observed anywhere in the Solar System. On Earth, jarosite can be found in piles of mining waste that have been exposed to air and rain, but it’s not common. No one expected to find it in Antarctica, and Baccolo wasn’t hunting for it. Instead, he was searching for minerals that might indicate ice age cycles within the layers of a 1620-meter-long ice core, which record thousands of years of Earth’s history. But in the core’s deepest ice, he came across strange dust particles that he thought might be jarosite. To confirm the mineral’s identity, Baccolo and his collaborators measured how it absorbed x-rays. They also examined grains under powerful electron microscopes, confirming it was jarosite. The particles were also noticeably cracked and devoid of sharp edges, a sign that they had formed and eroded from chemical assaults in pockets within the ice, the researchers report this month in The work suggests jarosite forms the same way on Mars, says Megan Elwood Madden, a geochemist at the University of Oklahoma who was not involved with the research. But she wonders whether the process can explain the huge abundance of jarosite on Mars. “On Mars, this is not just some thin film,” she says. “These are meters-thick deposits.” Baccolo concedes that the ice core contained only small amounts of jarosite, particles smaller than an eyelash or a grain of sand. But he explains that there’s much more dust on Mars than in Antarctica, which only receives small amounts of airborne ash and dirt from northern continents. “Mars is such a dusty place—everything is covered in dust,” Baccolo says. More ash would favor more jarosite formation under the right conditions, he says. Baccolo wants to use Antarctic cores to investigate whether ancient martian ice deposits were cauldrons for the formation of other minerals.