Florida Chamber: Kindergarten readiness results underscore need for early education investment U.S. strike in Syria kills 1, wounds several Just 57% of Florida children are ready for Kindergarten. The Florida Chamber Foundation’s  Business Alliance for Early Learning  wants every child in Florida to enter kindergarten ready to learn. The Florida Department of Education released Florida’s 2020-2021 Kindergarten Readiness Scores, finding that only 57% of children in Florida are ready for kindergarten. While that’s an improvement from last year’s 53%, the topline doesn’t tell the whole story. The 2019-2020 score was based on test results from 190,000 children. This year, as more students opted out of brick-and-mortar schools, the testing cohort dropped dramatically. Just 133,000 took the test. Consider it a preview of COVID-19’s impact on the education system, and of its eventual effect on Florida’s workforce. That, in particular, stokes concern in the business world. Florida’s global competitiveness depends on a quality education system. An under-educated workforce bottlenecks economic growth — importing workers from other states is an option, but business thrives when job-ready workers are in their backyard. That’s where the interest in kindergarten readiness comes in. The kindergarten students of today will be joining the workforce in a little over a decade. Their success in school will equip them with important skills such as self-discipline, persistence, and look at this web-site cooperation – skills also essential for employers to build a high-quality workforce. Making sure Florida children are on track now ensures employers will have steady stream of top-tier employees, which is key to the Florida Chamber hitting its goal of growing the state’s economy from the 17th largest in the world to the 10th. Hitting the mark means investing in early childhood education, which research has shown can produce benefits far beyond employability. For example, children who participate in quality early learning programs are 50% less likely to need special education, 50% less likely to become teen parents, and 70% less likely to be arrested for a violent crime.


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If only a tiny fraction of existing car parking became secure bike parking, Stuart says, “we’d see a seismic shift in how New Yorkers are able to get around. We know New Yorkers want to use bikes and scooters. It’s just not feasible, given there’s no place to put them.” Curbsides weren’t always dominated by cars in New York; until 1950, cars weren’t allowed to be parked overnight in Manhattan. Today, though many drivers still feel entitled to the curbside space, there’s a move to shift some of it to other uses. Some parking spaces have been taken away for bike lanes or bus lanes. During the pandemic, other parking spaces were given to restaurants for curbside dining. Some people have advocated for eliminating free street parking completely . Stuart believes that transforming just 5% of parking spaces for more sustainable transportation would make a difference, and he’s making the case with community groups. “We believe the right way to engage the public writ large is to present a vision to communities for how public space can be used to provide benefit,” he says. “If it’s a compelling vision, community support will follow. There’s a lot of precedent for that. Bikeshare in New York City takes up parking spaces, it takes a sidewalk space, but we’ve largely come to believe that hey, this is a valuable use of space, right? We’re having a conversation right now in New York City about the curb that we haven’t really had for generations.” Some city governments invest far more in bike parking—take the example of the Dutch city of Utrecht, where a parking garage solely for cyclists has more than 12,000 spots, along with on-site bike repair and rental and a design that leads directly to the adjacent train station. Stuart says it’s clear that American cities should invest more in infrastructure, but startups can also play a role in solving the problem. The company sells advertising space on its larger pods, the first two of which are located at the Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn and at a train station in Jersey City where riders commute into Manhattan. The ads support the system so all riders can use it for free, something that Stuart sees as critical. The business also plans to sell other services, such as bike repair. Rather than selling the units to the city, the business deploys and runs them itself. The path, though, has been challenging.